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Customer Solutions

Our customers save money, can budget and manage their fuel costs, and improve their overall business operations with on-site mobile fueling. U.S. Fuels delivers gas, diesel and a range of renewable fuels directly to your business, for your convenience.

How it Works

Renewable Fuels

Capitalizing on your Carbon Credits, while lowering your carbon intensity for growing flex-fuel bio-fleets. As BioFuels usage continues to grow in the USA & Globally, U.S. Fuels seeks to meet growing demand.

Diesel & Bio-Diesel

Our Diesel business is one of the largest in the nation, while our BioDiesel demand has grown consistently, allowing our Customers to lower their carbon footprint for the nation's largest diesel fleets and vehicles, whether truck, train or vessel.

Fuel intelligence

Our Fuels-Intelligence system and network enables more efficient operations for our Customers through high-level insights and detailed metrics, scheduling, re-fueling patterns and cost-analysis by integrating a broader fleet ecosystem of fuel cards and fleet management.


We help our Customers solve their fuels distribution requirements and adoption of bulk-fuels, by providing cutting-edge technology, systems management fleets scheduling.

Jet Fuel & AvGas

Whether you are a small or larger private jet fleet operations or a commercial airliner, we have tailored solutions to fit the needs of all types of aircraft and air-operators, by delivering AvGas and various grades of Jet Fuel, on-time and on-location.

Smart Tankers

With our superior and advanced technology, we can track demand, unit deployment, and field performance in real time, while our Cloud-connected energy delivery and IoT platform provides real-time situational data allowing our team to drive efficiency.


Our Process

from Terminal Storage
to Product Blending
to On-Site Delivery
to On-Site Storage
Risk Management
Better ESG Scores
Cost Savings
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