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Moving Fuels

Because of the limited refinery capacity, much of the fuel consumed in the US comes either from the US Gulf Coast or from foreign imports. Most consumption is made up of volumes moved via pipeline through the Colonial and Plantation pipeline systems. The remaining volumes are moved by barge to areas that are not pipeline accessible, specifically Florida. U.S. Fuels moves some volumes of gasoline and diesel to the west, primarily by barge, to the east coasts, because of the size and diversity of distribution, it is also divided into sub-distribution that covers New England, the Central Atlantic and the Lower Atlantic.

When you think about moving fuels, think
U.S. Fuels


Our drivers are highly qualified and safe drivers recruited, hired, managed, and trained specifically for transporting and offloading your fuel, on-time, on-budget and safely.


Our entire fleet of vehicles are guaranteed for capacity, safety and reliability. We use a fleet of trucks and equipment custom designed to specifically meet the needs of our distribution network and our customers.


Our entire Fleet Management Network is run by an astute team of the industry’s best network engineers and data scientists who deliver 100% end-to-end visibility in order to ensure reliable delivery of our customer's fuels.


We employ technical and A.I. solutions that fully manage our freight network to maximize efficiency & flexibility while minimizing costs for our customers, which includes using a single-source brokerage that navigates the most competitive rates to save money while towing your freight, no matter the size, complexity, or mode.

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