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We operate via complex network of pipelines, terminals, rail and trucks that all operate behind the scenes 24/7 to ensure a safe and reliable supply of transportation fuels to North American & global businesses and their consumers.


Led by Tanya Tan,VP Fuels Distribution at 
U.S. Fuels.

Our distribution team lead, Tanya Tan has lead our widely diverse team of traders, truck-drivers and technicians, all working cohesively to get the fuels our customers need, wherever they need it... in the snow, during storms, up to the mountain top, in the desert and to the far reaches of the planet. We persevere and get the work done, for our customers. They are the reason we exist.

With more than 12 million barrels of transportation fuel consumed every day, the US lays claim to one of the largest and most complex fuel-supply chains in the world. Much of that complexity is attributable to the large number of fuel blends in the market, including those required in certain markets to address specific air quality issues known as “boutique” fuels that must be kept separate during their movement through the supply chain.

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